TEISCO S-110F (1981)

Thanks to Theo Moebus for using his image


Keyboard            37 keys (C-C).
Type                    2 x VCO, 1 x VCF, 1 x VCA, 2 x EG, 2 x Voice.
VCO-1                Range: Low, 64', 32', 16', 8', 4'.
                            Tune, Pitch, KCV Off, EG-1/LFO (Triangular, Square), PW.
VCO-2                Range: Low, 64', 32', 16', 8', 4'.
                            Tune, VCO-1, LFO (S/H, Triangular, Square), PW/PWM (LFO/Triangular, Manual, EG-1).
Mixer                   VCO-1(Traingular, Saw, Square).
                            VCO-2 (External In, Saw, Square).
                            VCO-1. 2 Ring Modulator/Noise (pink, White).
LFO                     Frequency (0.1Hz - 20KHz), Wave Shape 3 modes: periodically, varied continuously).
VCF                     Cut-Off (16Hz - 20Khz), Resonance, KCV, LFO(S/H, Triangular, Square), EG-1.
VCA                    Gain Control.
Filter Bank            Frequency 250, 350, 500, 700, 1K, 1.4K, 2K, 2.8K (Hz).
EG-1                    Attack Time, Decay Time, Sustain Level, Release Time.
EG-2                    Attack Time, Decay Time, Sustain Level, Release Time.
High Pass Filter     Cut-Off (16Hz - 16Khz).
Effect Controls      Portamento (ON/Legato/Multi-Trigger), Transpose (UP/N/Down),
                             Sensitivity: Vib/Wow Wow, VCF (Up/Down), VCO (Up, Down)                          .
                             Sensitivity Level: Vib/Wow Wow, VCF (Up, Down), VCO (Up, Down),
                             Sensitivity Selector: (VCO-1,VCO-1/2, VCO-2), Delay, Vibrato Control, Bender Control,
                             EG/LFO Trigger (Keyboard & LFO, Keyboard, LFO).
Input                     KCV in (1V / 1 oct), Gate In (On over +1V), External In.
Output                  Signal Out (High, Low), Headphone, KCV Out (1V / 1 oct), Gate Out (0-+15V).
Indicator Leds       Power, Signal Way, Modulation & Level.
Power Cons.         10 W.
Dimensions            855 x 400  x 110 (W x H x V in m/m).
Weight                  13 Kg.

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My brother works at a graphical company and have scanned the original "Owner's manual" and the "Circuit diagrams" for me,
and made PDF files. So it is from high quality and ready to print it out on paper.

The  owner's manual  is 35 pages and 3,6 MB
The circuit diagrams are 6 pages.

Owners Manual for S-110F / S-60F

Manual in Adobe PDF format (3.7 MB)

Table of contents:

  1. Preface & Features
  2. Sound generation
  3. Understanding synthesizer basics
  4. Basic Sound Creation
  5. Connection Diagram
  6. Keyboard and Tuning
  7. VCO Bank
  8. Mixer
  9. VCF
10. VCA, Filter Bank and HPF
11. LFO
12. EG1 & EG2
13. Effective Operation and Precautions
14. How to create fundamental sounds
15. Registration Guide
16. Block Diagram and standards

Circuit Diagram S-110F

Properly that some parts are also usable for the 60-F

- Table of contents
- P.C.BD Layout
- Block Diagram.
- S/H, VCO1, T.S. (SYN-20, TS-02), - VCO 2, VCF, MIXER, Ring Modulator, LFO, Noise Generator (SYN-21, LP-04X4, LP-03).
- VCA, EG, Filter Bank, Power Supply (SYN-22, PS-21).
- IC Information.

Download schematics


The 110F has a trasister ladder filter.
This filter was a great invention of Bob Moog.
The circuit is constructed by transisters conected like a ladder.
This circuit is used in lot's of Moog synths, through '60s Moduler till '80s Memorymoog
and is famous for the fat sound.

Patch sheet

Press the picture for a higher quality picture. Inside the user manual (which you can download at this page) are lot's of these
patch sheets, all filled with other settings for differents sounds.
If you have any patches, then let me know.

Another patchsheet made by Simon Carter. Really nice. Made with Visio and converted to Word format.

Patchsheet (356KB)


Pitch Bend Range Expansion Mod

How to build the Synhouse midijack into this synth
(temporary removed. There were some mistakes in the installing guide)


This arj file contains 8 samples from the S-110F.
The samples are 8 bit, 22Khz WAF files and are taken from the Future Music cd.
If you use Netscape, then hold down the SHIFT key and press the link,
or right click and choose "save link as".



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